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African Wildlife Artworks

The 'ROYAL GAME' Series

On permanent exhibition at Oxford University in England
In the main entrance of the Zoology Department

Limited Editions by Gordon Howard

'Etosha Tuskers' -- 'King of Beasts' -- 'Kalahari Princess' -- 'Elephant'
Bull Elephants -- Kalahari Lion--Young Lion Cub -- Matriarchal herd

'Prince of Shadows' - 'Savannah Whirlwind' -- 'Tyger, Tyger' -- 'Lightfoot and Silent'
African Leopard -- Kalahari Cheetah & Cub -- Male Bengal Tiger -- Cape Hunting Dogs

'Royal Romance' -- 'Amenhotep' -- 'Mopane Siesta' -- 'Savuti Sisters'
Courting Lions -- Kalahari Male --Giraffe in Matopos -- Young Lioness

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Limited Edition, Investment Lithographs
[ Image Size 21×25 Inches ]
Price $95.00 NZ each, plus packing and postage

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The 'ROYAL GAME' Series Story

An Urgent Request from an Overseas Visitor
During the past fourteen years I have taken much pleasure in painting endangered African animals in pastel, acrylic, other media. I was urged to publish this investment edition at the insistence of an international conference delegate. He visited one of my exhibitions, held in the historic 18th century 'Cloete' cellar of the Groot Constantia Winery, and wrote to me later, requesting that I send him a lithograph of the "Cheetahs" to remind him of his memorable safari into Africa.

The Oxford Collection goes Wild
These limited editions have since travelled all over the world and are on permanent exhibition, framed in mahogany, in the department of Zoology and Psychology at Oxford University in England. The Head of Zoology at Oxford in expressing his thanks to me, commented that the lithographs "will add character to our building". I spent four years drawing various animals and plants for my degree in Zoology and Botany, and am delighted that my work finds approval and acceptance in such august company.

'An Edition cast on an Original Heidelberg'
It is most gratifying to have such accurate impressions of my artworks, as once the originals have left the studio, these lithographs remain, to remind me of the enjoyment I had in creating them, and acting as faithful reference of the technique that I used to paint them. I was fortunate to have this edition struck on an 'Original Heidelberg' printing press.

Autographed in pencil by Gordon Howard
Each lithograph is autographed in pencil below the right corner and numbered on the left, These prints, which are the same size as the originals, are 510×640mm (21×25inches) with a print area of 450×580mm(18×23inches). The edition number is limited to 999 impressions Worldwide. (The Cape Hunting Dogs and the Cheetahs are limited to 500.)

Ivory Board from Guarro Cassas
The edition is produced on an acid free card (225gm) called 'Ivory' board imported from Guarro Cassas in Spain. This finely textured surface has an embossed linen finish resistant to creasing. It also enhances the three dimensional depth of the image, and creates the 'fresco secco' appearance of the original works. The brilliant white surface of the ivory board increases the percentage of light reflected from the paper surface, as it is filtered by the pigmented inks.

Souvenirs of an African Safari
It has been heart warming to witness the success and enthusiastic acceptance of these lithographs. I am thoroughly delighted that they are considered so favorably as memorable African Safari souvenirs for friends and relatives. The prints are attractively presented and carefully packaged in very stout cardboard cores with protective end caps for transport or postage anywhere in the world.

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